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Approximate Container Sea Costs for personal effects;

We have regular sailings (subject to space) every month depending upon freight with a transit time of approx. 14 days.

We have storage facilities both in the UK and here in Lanzarote.

Collection and delivery service available if needed

Minimum charge of £75 we can also reduce the export docs and fuel charge a little if under 1/M3 cube metre (pallet)

Sea freight @ £100.00 /M3 Lanzarote £135/M3

Fuel Surcharge @ £20.00 / M3

Export Docs   £100

Import Papers Clearance €80

Value of items 7% IGIC on personal effects, except Vehicles 

Excluding, Transfer to Warehouse, unloading costs, (which are based on the overall volume in the container and are shared between all the Importers on a pro-rata basis) Local Taxes and Insurance.

We also have access to an ‘All Risk’ Open Cover Marine Insurance Policy allowing us to provide Insurance cover on the goods on a Door to Door basis incurring a minimum premium of £75.00

The cost of shipping to and from the Canaries and the mainland will depend entirely upon the type and size of your shipment and if it is a part load or full load, and if it is shipped by sea or air. Any quote we give will each and every part of the operation be itemised so as you can see exactly what we are quoting for and giving the added confidence that you know exactly what our costs will cover. All shipping costs to and from the Canaries and the mainland are based on a combination of the dimensions and weight of the consignment. For us to give you an accurate quotation for your shipping costs you should provide us with precise information.

Sea shipping to and from the Canaries and the mainland can be on either a 40ft Container or 20ft Container or part load basis. For goods sent as a full load, shipping costs are based on a total price for an entire container depending upon a 40ft or 20ft. This cost will not vary, no matter how full or empty the container is. Goods sent as a part load, the shipping cost will be based on the volume and will be priced per Cubic Metre (the area that your goods take up in the container). It is, therefore, very important that you have accurate sizes of your goods for shipment so we can prepare an accurate quotation for your shipping costs. We are also able to offer a Packing and Wrapping service.


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